Megaplex 2018!

Megaplex has come and gone!

Woah, what can I say? Where can I even begin?

It’s been one helluva trip. I met a lot of really cool people there.  Finally got a change to meet my right hand man NekoCrispy in person. (He’s just as much of a dweeb as you’d expect him to be!)

I had a chance to meet a few other cool cats there! Sam, Shelly, Dan and Josh, thanks for taking me to that bomb ass ramen place! And thanks for hanging out with us! You guys are the shit! I can’t wait to link up with you guys again!

Sold a few prints here and there at the con, but I might have overestimated the demand. I still have a lot of prints left! I’ll probably be giving those away to my Patrons. Stay tuned for details on that front.

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