New Standees! + Re-stock!

It’s that time of the year! Time for a standee restock!

This one went a lot smoother than last time! (I’m getting pretty good at formatting the files for the manufacturer!)

This time around I’ve got a re-stock of the Stella and Fay Spaniel standee’s.

Fay Spaniel on the left, and Stella on the right!

But I also put a NEW standee for sale! It’s one of “Princess May”!

For those not in the know, Princess May is actually my wife’s fursona! She designed it many many years ago when we were first dating. Probably around 2016-2017ish. How time flies!

Anyway, here’s the standee in all her glory. I really love the outfit and how plump she looks!

Thanks again everyone, kudos!

Until next time!

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